14 MAR 2019
Hello friends! I invite to NBF Night Birds Fest! April 29th - April 30th and May 1st! Cherkassy, ​​camp Pridneprovsky (with the blagodatnoy in the past Chapaevka) Coordinates GPS 49.565724, 32.06
18 JUL 2018
  3, August (Friday) - 10.00 - Beginning of entertainment sector - 18.30 “Medoviy Polyn” band – Competitive program - 20.30 “100 Pudoff” band (&ld
24 APR 2018
The motorcycle club "Night birds MC" and “Doroga group” took part in the annual moto-exhibition "MOTOBIKE 2018" in Kyiv. Experience, invitations to events, attractin
19 FEB 2018
Запрошуємо "В гості до Night birds MC. Нам 15 років!" Черкаси, табір Придніпровський (с.Благодатне в минулому Чапаєвка) Координаты GPS 49.565724, 32.064864 nightbirdsmc.all@gm
04 NOV 2017
We will meet New year together for the first time!   New year's eve party from the Road to Sich!   Booking in advance by mail or by phone with confirmation. Places are lim
27 JUL 2017
We want to introduce our another partner of the motofest “Road to Sich - 2017” - TM Tekita Energy. Tekita Energy is the sponsor of the drive and adventures! We remind you that Tekit
20 JUL 2017
August 3 (Thursday):   10: 00 Start of arrival, registration of participants of the fest 14: 00 Start of the entertainment sector 16: 00 Music program non-stop: 16: 00 MORITURI
24 MAY 2017
Motofest "Road to Sich" is the most dynamic Ukrainian motofest created by bikers for bikers. It was wildly popular for interesting musical projects, a wonderful location - the Cossack fortre
04 MAR 2017
Today, the official logo of our fifth anniversary motorfest "Road to Sich - 2017" has been finally approved. The logo was designed by advertising group Magic Design on request of Doro
18 JAN 2017
Motofest "Road to Sich" August 3 - 6, 2018р. Cherkasy, Cossack fortress "Dakhnivska Sich"